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Poking around this site you probably realize one of my favorite subjects is urban decay. And frankly, it doesn’t get darker than Chernobyl.


Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. – Helen Keller There is a radical shift going on in Detroit.


Anytime you visit Michigan Central Station, you can’t help but be overcome by a strong feeling of loneliness. It’s ironic really, because if you look around from this vantage point there’s plenty going on.

Table for Two

Not exactly what you might expect to find in a nice restaurant, but this image is compelling in a different way.

We Shall Overcome

One of the challenges for any photographer is creating images that at first can appear simple, but make the viewer do a double-take and think about what they’re looking at. A few weeks back I was in Detroit and over by Michigan Central Station – again – where I found someone had posted this sign […]

Can Michigan Recover Lens Artwork

Now I’m not one to pile on – especially when discussing Michigan. After all, this is the state that me and my family call home. Goodness knows that there are issues, especially in the metro Detroit area. What many don’t realize, though, is that

MCS ticket booth

Here you have the former ticket counter inside of Michigan Central Station. Once a bustling area where millions purchased tickets for travel, time and taggers have completely re-engineered it into something unrecognizable.

Bob Lo Boat

Boy does this bring back memories – but not memories that look like this. Here sit the two boats that ferried passengers to Bob Lo Amusement Park outside of Detroit for over eight decades. In spite of their current appearance, there are some remarkable facts that go with these ships.

Chow Time before

It’s always interesting to see how places sort of de-evolve when left alone for decades. Sometimes, like here in this former mess hall, the randomness of the decay makes for a quite interesting display.

Michigan Central Station at night

Here is Michigan Central Station – one of the greatest urban ruins in the entire country.

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